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Levels of Intelligents

What make us Intelligent?

If we stop and think about the things that make us intelligent. There are the books we read, and the things we hear. But most importantly are the things we see and do. When we read a book we only experience something in our head. When we take what we read and apply it to our lives we gain knowledge of that working system.  Experience is our fastest learner. Listen to the chatter, read all the good and bad information on it. Then take that information and apply it. We also have to learn think for ourselves. Intelligent wear was designed to make you think outside, inside and around the corners of the box .

True Happiness

The image “true happiness” was designed based on the perspective that people like to complain about what they don't have. They complain about what they can't get. They complain about their job, all things that they have control over but don't want to take responsibility for and don't realize the true happiness in life is not hard to find, it's hard to recognize. In that I say that we just expect as humans for the sun to come up, for the moon to come out at night. We expect the waves in the ocean to be calm when we want to go to the beach. We expect the wind to be gentle for our outdoor activities. When any sort of abnormal thing happens we get disturbed. So the idea of this image is based greatly on what you perceive to be happiness. You can make everything difficult or you can use everything to your benefit being that when the Sun comes up, get out and do something with your day. We fail to recognize sometimes that even in a storm the Sun is still up doing it job to provide light.  That's why it's not dark on a cloudy day.

keep making Lem      nade

The image “keep making lemonade” is greatly based on the old saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” meaning everyday in life is not going to be happiest and without problems make the best out of your situation. The belief that a great life never has any problems is far from the truth. It is normal to have more unpleasant difficult situations day to day. Understand, you can’t comprehend how good a day is unless you've had a bad day. Progress happens when life is uncomfortable, so that being the case when the day seems shity, and crap just keeps coming your way, remember what your shirt says “keep making lemonade” and push through it.

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